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Club Rules and Regulations

In the interest of maintaining health and safety, discipline, etiquette and duty of care to others, the following guidelines and rules are to be adhered to at all times. Once read, please sign and date the dojo consent form and return to the Sensei as your acceptance to the said rules. You will find a copy in your Masamune Dojo membership pack for future guidance and reference. Please note the rules may be periodically changed and/or updated as and when required – thank you.

All students have: a duty of care to be considerate, polite and courteous to the Sensei, visiting Sensei and fellow students at all times. All students must:

  • ensure their gi (clothing) is clean, tidy and well presented at all times ensure their bokken, iaito and/or shinken are checked regularly, and when necessary cleared by the Sensei prior to use. This is particularly important for new dojo members – no swords must be used unless confirmed ‘safe’ by the Sensei. This is to protect all practitioners in the dojo and to comply with insurance requirements.
  • ensure they look after their bokken, iaito and shinken to the highest standards.
  • adhere to laido etiquette at all times.

All students are expected to:

  • respect the Sensei and fellow students both inside and outside the dojo environment at all times.
  • be honourable, honest, respectful and loyal to the Sensei at all times to comply with the true spirit of Budo.
  • keep the Sensei fully informed, as a matter of courtesy, of any activities which relate to laido and Jodo both inside and outside the dojo.
  • act as ambassadors of the dojo whether inside the UK or abroad.
  • have full insurance cover so as not to compromise fellow students and
  • to ensure they are fulfilling their obligations to the Sensei, Dojo and BKA requirements.
  • advise the Sensei of any disability and to ensure this is detailed in the dojo membership form.
  • clear with the Sensei any intended contact with outside organisations with regards to laido or Jodo and all such actual contact must be cleared by the Sensei to avoid any misrepresentation or duplication of effort.

No student can:

set up a dojo without consulting with the Sensei on the viability of such a dojo, its location, safety issues, insurance and training times.


Students must not wear jewellery whilst training; if you cannot remove it please cover with a plaster or explain the reasons why to the Sensei. If the wearing of such jewellery could cause harm to a fellow student, the student will unfortunately not be able to train. Health and safety in the dojo has to take priority at all times.

Please ensure your gi is clean and smart at all times.

Seminar Etiquette:

Please remember all members are ambassadors of the Masamune dojo and, as such, are required to be on best behaviour at all times when attending events, courses and seminars.

Please cover the soles of your feet when sitting on the floor – especially when attending seminars with visiting Japanese Sensei.

Please hold your bokken and/or iaito in the correct manner when listening to the instructor. If you are not sure what is the correct way to hold your bokken and/or iaito, please check with the Sensei or Sempai.


The Sensei reserves the right to refuse any student access to training and/or to be a member of the dojo. Any student misrepresenting the dojo or acting inappropriately as to cause harm to the reputation of the dojo and it’s members, or to carry out any act which causes harm or distress to a fellow student or Sensei at any time will be subject to a process of disciplinary procedure as follows:

verbal warning, written warning, written dismissal from dojo membership which will be lodged with the BKA Executive Board. The Sensei reserves the right to refuse membership of the Masamune Dojo.

Your co-operation to the above is most appreciated to ensure a very enjoyable, safe and successful training environment at all times – Thank you.

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We are a small dojo based in Birmingham UK. We practice Iaido and Jodo under Fay Goodman Sensei.